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Currently materials for building construction is growing rapidly. One of them is the material to make the frame, be it the door and window frames. Conventionally, people use wood when they have to make frames. But when the price of wood jumped up, then appear several alternatives to to save building materials home, appear sills made of cast concrete. Then came the door frames and windows made of Aluminum which are lighter, stronger and more flexible. And finally comes a frame made of Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride or UPVC frame.

So far, people have known this kind of material through the PVC pipe is more popular with the name of paralon pipes. Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride or UPVC itself is a kind of Thermoplastic material derived from elements of salt and petroleum. Thermoplastic is one material that will become softened, melt when exposed to heat (the opposite is: Thermosetting, which will harden when exposed to heat).

According to its properties and characteristics, the materials made from the above elements have the weatherproof and chemical resistance properties. In the application when used for the manufacture of frames these materials were developed with the addition of several other materials to strengthen its structure. And when it has been applied to a frame, either the door or window frames, the manufacturer of this UPVC product claims, the UPVC frame has several advantages.

UPVC or "Unplasticied Polyvinyl Chloride" is a type of thermoplastic derived from salt and oil elements and the door is UPVC which has been developed with the addition of several modifiers for strength and stabilizer (for environmentally friendly) and makes the material an optimal compound for window sills and door.

UPMC LIMAS windows and doors have fire protection. Specialized profile materials are made to inhibit the spreading of the flame.

LIMAS UPVC profile has a very low thermal conductivity level, and a profile form with 3 cavities, so it can keep coolness indoors and electricity usage for air conditioner is more efficient and efficient.

Window and door LIMAS UPVC does not require painting, because UPVC surface is very smooth and not porous, making it easy to clean and does not require special treatment.

GLOBAL window and door systems are designed to withstand rainwater.

Unlike wood, LIMAS UPVC windows and doors are made of materials and components resistant to termite attack.

LIMAS UPVC profile is made of stainless, rusted and porous material. And will not change color due to extreme weather changes though, has been tested for more than 30 years.

Equipped with a double locking system (Multi Point Locking) to ensure security and can not be forcibly opened from the outside.

All windows and doors UPVC uses a "Double Sealed" system between leaf and frame using EPDM so as to muffle the sound noise.

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