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Marble Floor Type Pink Porino
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Marble Floor Type Pink Porino

The marble floor is one of the most beautiful floors of all flooring options. This floor is used in homes as well as public buildings and offices.In addition to the beauty of this type of floor use has several other advantages. Marble floor is much preferred because it has more character and classy luxury. Irregular textures and patterns and limited natural supplies make this material expensive. Marble material has a cold and strong impression.

Buying and installing marble floors can indeed be very expensive but the advantage is that marble is very durable than other types of floor that are not too expensive. When floor replacement costs on other types of floors are taken into account, the cost of installing and maintaining marble is actually not too expensive. This is because good marble will hold between two and five times longer than other types of floors.

For those of you who want to always keep the living room and workspace clean, one of the advantages of this desired floor many people can be met by the hypoallergenic properties of the marble floor. Marble is naturally resistant to bacteria and some allergens such as animal fur, pollen, and other elements that can stick to the carpet.

Easy to clean, resistant to bacteria and allergens and quality, making this floor an ideal choice for anyone who should avoid dust and other irritants to keep allergies uncontrolled.

Because the marble floor is resistant to moisture, cleaning dirt on this floor is an easy and simple task. Soapy soap, clean water and dry cloth will deal with dirt quickly. However, keep in mind is that this is not just to prove that marble is stain, so any spill spills should still be handled as soon as possible.

Thickness Floor: 18mm

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